Ways to Improve Your Sliding Door

Sliding glass doors are an attractive feature in any home. Experts in glass door repairs and replacements, for instance, offer popular choices for homes with generous windows, such as bay windows, French windows, and sliding patio doors. However, there are certain ways to improve security, functionality, and the look of your sliding door as will be discussed in this article.

Glass Door Replacements

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Although these are generally well-insulated and provide excellent noise reduction, homeowners may not be aware of some of the unique security issues involved with sliding doors. While sliding glass doors can create a lovely and functional interior design scheme, they also present security concerns that must be addressed.

Sliding glass doors are sometimes equipped with smart locks, which are usually concealed within the frame of the door. It can be recommended to additionally install a deadbolt locking system for maximum security. For any broken locks or new security installations on your sliding door contact the experts.

Another issue that homeowners should be concerned about is the condition of their existing deadbolts or another locking mechanism. Some locks might wear out over the years and therefore provide less security for your home. Another locking system you can consider is a special keyed latch that is used for most of the more modern sliding doors. 


One of the most common methods of securing sliding glass doors is through the installation of an intruder alarm. There are many different models available on the market today, and there are several features that may help a homeowner achieve their goals for security. Some of the more popular options include sensors that sound off when the door or sliding glass door is opened and others that contact the sensors when something is pressed against them. 

There are many benefits to using an intruder alarm; in addition to the fact that it can provide significant security, it can help reduce the chances of expensive repairs or other expenses that are incurred as a result of a security breach. These alerts are especially important for homeowners with children in the home, since they may unintentionally activate the device when they are trying to get past a closed door or window.

Window Film

Another approach to improving sliding doors involves installing window film. Many people are comfortable installing window film on their own, but there are also many resources available to help homeowners learn how to properly install it. 

When choosing an installer, it is important to make sure they are familiar with the installation process as well as a wide variety of products, including window film. Once they are hired, it is important that they thoroughly understand the entire process of installation and make recommendations based on experience and familiarity.

Extra Advice

In addition to adding window film, many homeowners are also opting to add additional security measures to their sliding glass door sets. While these new security options are a welcome change, homeowners should not overlook the importance of purchasing good quality two-bolt sliding glass door locks. These types of locks are often the only solution that homeowners have when dealing with forced entry situations. There are two types of locks commonly used for sliding doors: one-bolt and two-bolt sliding door locks. This decision should be made based on the level of security you require for your sliding doors.

Regardless of which type of security lock you select, installing quality sliding glass door locks will help you maintain the peace of mind you’ve worked hard to obtain. Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice security for the price. If you are looking to enhance the security around your sliding doors, consider adding window film and adding two-bolt sliding door locksets to the exterior of each panel. By doing so, you can provide your home with better protection from unwanted intruders and enjoy a more secure feeling within your home.