Fun Photo Frame With Ice cream Stick Craft For Kids

If you are a kid at heart, then a photo frame with an ice cream stick is a fun and unique craft to try your hand on. This craft can be made out of items that you probably already have around the house or bought from any of the craft stores.

Kids are always on the move and every time they are, they have some kind of activity that they need to do. Sometimes, they like to play games and find it really entertaining to be part of such activities.

Hobbies like these are fun to do. They don’t take much of your time at all and are easy to set up and carry. In fact, it only requires you to be prepared, have patience, and a sense of humor and then you will be set for the day to come.


These kinds of crafts require a whole lot of creativity is what kids possess and when you have a unique idea, they can certainly put their hands to it. Kids can also be creative by just using the things they have at home, like wood, paints, photos, etc. This will be your tools for a truly awesome picture frame with an ice cream stick project.

diy picture frame

There are lots of options for you to choose from when you are going to build a custom picture frame and one of them is wood picture frames with ice cream stick. The first thing that you need to decide is how much you are going to spend to have this done.

First steps

You can start with a simple paper punch that is perfect for your small children to use for creating their own pictures and frames. The most basic types of paper punch would be the regular paper punch, the ribbon punch, and the archival paper punch.

For those who are not sure about these paper punches, they can simply choose from the wooden picture frames with ice cream stick craft for adults or the wooden picture frames with ice cream stick craft for kids. It is all about the kind of craft that you want to create and you can get any number of these with various prices depending on the craft you want to have made.


When you go ahead with the task of getting your craft, you need to make sure that you have the extra materials needed to do the craft. This will make the task of making your craft a lot easier.

You can use cardboard craft frames to decorate your canvas. This will also allow you to get the best designs with these picture frames, and most people prefer to use foil films to decorate their canvas when it comes to picture frames.

Once you have all the materials ready and the craft project is completed, you will have a lot of fun coming up with different kinds of designs. You will be able to give something new and different to your kid’s room.

Final words

While you might think that kids’ crafts are the same as those of an adult, you will be able to come up with some truly great designs when you start doing your craft. The only thing you need to keep in mind when you are doing the craft for your kid is that you should be careful about the colors that you use.

The canvas can be decorated in a similar way as it can be used in a craft, but there is an added benefit because you can add little Easter eggs or other decorations to it. You can enjoy crafting with your kids when you do these kinds of craft for them.